Hotfix Studs and Mirrors

Hotfix Studs in many shapes

The hotfix studs by Modimex are available in various different shapes: faceted studs, dome studes, flat studs, relief studs, crushed studs, bark studs and enamel studs.

Faceted Studs: Studs with multiple flat surfaces, creating a faceted appearance.
Dome Studs: Rounded studs that have a smooth, curved surface.
Flat Studs: Studs with a flat surface, providing a sleek and simple look.
Relief Studs: Studs with raised or textured patterns.
Crushed Studs: Studs that may have an irregular texture, adding a unique touch.
Bark Studs: Studs with a textured surface providing a natural and organic look.
Enamel Studs: Studs coated with enamel, offering a glossy and colorful finish.

Modimex will find the ideal solution for your needs with a wide catalog to satisfy our customers, with very sophisticated customizations.

Discover the products and choose your favourite hotfix studs.